Sighthill Flats

View of Sighthill Flats from the West

Glenalmond, Hermiston and Weir Courts were built in 1967 near Sighthill Wynd and Broomhouse Road. The buildings are 16 storeys high and provided a total of 285 flats.

The three multi storey blocks are to be demolished in 2011. Hermiston Court has already been stripped of fixtures and fittings and asbestos materials. Safedem will remove the fixtures and fittings and asbestos materials from Glenalmond and Weir Courts during late spring and early summer. Then, concrete walls inside the three blocks will be drilled to prepare for demolition by the controlled use of explosives. These works will last throughout summer and early autumn. The demolition (or blowdown) will take place in autumn with the resultant debris processed and recycled by early 2012.

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