Sighthill Multis

Sighthill Multis

Safedem Ltd is commissioned by the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) to demolish the three multi-storey properties in the North Sighthill area of Edinburgh, as shown in the above photo. The multis are Glenalmond, Hermiston and Weir Courts.

Safedem Ltd is one of the leading demolition and dismantling companies in the UK. Our demolition teams are fully trained and equipped to work on projects throughout the UK, with our specialist services such as explosives and facade retention available worldwide.

Our assured demolition service is delivered by a highly skilled, experienced and professional team led by senior management who can draw on four generations of experience in the industry. SAfedem also works very closely with the City of Edinburgh Council project management team during the critical stages of the demolition by explosives.

Safedem has a proven track record of demolition by explosives and has now completed the demolition of over 50 multi storey blocks using this technique.

The demolition of Glenalmond, Hermiston and Weir Courts will mark the third blowdown operation for Safedem on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council. Safedem successfully demolished two multis in the Oxgangs area of Edinburgh in 2006, and Broomview House which was also in the North Sighthill area of Edinburgh in 2008.


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